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"Wolken und ihre Formationen"


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Start 21.08.2011


Awards / Preise und Platzierungen

2.Platz Get Dusty April 2017 der Pastel Guild of Europe

Still liefe with porcelain


Mit diesem Pastell (14x23cm) gewann ich den Mai Wettbewerb Get Dusty Competition der Pastel Guild of Europe 2017. Ich fand das Thema nicht sehr schwierig, aber ich selbst mag Stlllleben nicht besonders. Es gibt wenige, die modern sind und mich faszinieren. Dazu kam, dass ich zu Hause keine geeigneten Porzellangegenstände fand, die mich inspirierten. Daher war die Überraschung besonders groß. Vielen Dank an ddie Gastjurorin  Sarah Blumenschein!

Im Get Dusty Wettbewerb April 2017 wurde das Thema: Animals - Baby animals vorangestellt.

Mit meinem Pastell "Explorer" gewann ich den 2. Platz. UART 600 mit Unison Softpastels 30x45cm. Ref. Foto von M. Walti

Gastjuror Rita Kirkman schreibt:


Light, color, texture, and a moment captured in time are what I see first in this little wild Explorer. The subtle handling of the warms and cools within the various tones of fur are masterfully done! The wonderful textural contrasts of the finely detailed fur, to the ripples of the water, the middle-ground grasses, and finally the very loose, gestural rocks in the background, create a convincing sense of depth. I like the unconventional pose withing this otherwise traditional portrait composition (the subject centered within the area of the painting.) The cat is looking off to the left, as if something there has caught his attention, and in a moment he will leave the frame. But this doesn't encourage our eyes into leaving; the sunlight streaming on the cat's face holds our eyes, and the bits of dark along his shadowed side and in the background bounce our eyes around and down the right side, and back up the sunny side to his face...

Best of Get Dusty 2017

"New marbles" Pastell 14,5x19cm gewann den 1.Platz des Wettbewerbes Get Dusty der Pastel Guild of Europe im November!

Softpastelle und Pastellstifte auf schwarzem UART 400 sanded pastel paper.

Judge Lynn Howarth wrote: This pastel is beautifully composed and draws the eye round the painting pleasingly. The clever use of colour,tone and light makes this painting feel very real to me- you just want to pick these marbles up and play with them.

Best of Get Dusty 2016

Bei der Wahl zum "Best of Get Dusty 2016" teile ich mir mit Judy Tate den 1.Platz! Das macht uns beide sehr stolz!

"Watching" ist eines meiner Lieblingspastelle.

Get Dusty 1. Platz November 2016 der Pastel Guild of Europe

Marbles, Murmeln, Pastell
"New marbles" 14,5x19cm

"New marbles" Softpastelle und Pastellstifte auf schwarzem UART 400 sanded pastel paper.

Das Thema war: Stillleben - A still life with toys.

Judge Lynn Howarth wrote: This pastel is beautifully composed and draws the eye round the painting pleasingly. The clever use of colour,tone and light makes this painting feel very real to me- you just want to pick these marbles up and play with them.

Get Dusty 3.Platz Juli/August 2016 der Pastel Guild of Europe


Sennelier Softpastelle auf Sennelier Card schwarz.


The guest judge of the competition Adrian Frankel Guiliani comments:

"An intense gaze from this cat was caught in “Watching.”  Very skillful handling of the pastels with a wonderful variety of marks.  The whiskers, done in a multitude of directions, were true to life and exciting to view.  The entire piece has been beautifully handled, from the colors to the fur, to the drawing and textures."


Get Dusty 2. und 3. Platz April 2016 der Pastel Guild of Europe

Im April hatten wir das Thema "Animals underwater" und mit den Referenzfotos von Steve Jones,UK (www.millionfish.com) erreichte ich den 2. und auch den 3. Platz der Competition.

The jury´s comments:

"The friendly giant"

Lynn Howarth said:

‘Really like the upward movement in this painting. You get the feeling of

great depth due to good use of colour and tone. I also think the breaking of

the surface of the water is particularly good!’

Dorothea Schulz said:

‘Although  the artist  uses a  very  limited  palette,  this  painting  is anything

but boring. Here, value not only does the work but gets the credit as well.

A beautiful rendering of this visitor from the deep blue.’

"Blue Meduse"

Lynn Howarth said:

‘Wonderful use of colour which stands out so well on the black background!’

Susan Corcoran said:

‘The  black  background  just  throws  this  stunning  creature  almost  out  of  the

painting at us!’


Honorable Mention GET DUSTY März 2016 The Pastel Guild of Europe

"Magic light" Pastell, (C)D.Saul 2016
"Magic light" Pastell, (C)D.Saul 2016

Judge’s comments:
A  ‘magic  light’  has  been  effectively  rendered
with this beautiful choice of harmonious colours.
The artist has combined different touches, moving  from  colour  swathes  to  small  details,  most
notably in the blue and mauve vegetation.

Honorable Mention GET DUSTY Nov 2015 The Pastel Guild of Europe

Plumeria white
"Beauty of Hawaií" Pastell 22,29,5cm, (D) D.Saul 2015

Judge´s comments:

"This painting showcases the flowers in an interesting design; the buds and stems pull meinto the painting. The flowers have interesting shapes and varied. The colours in the flowers are subtle and beautiful.

It is a good example of using colour in white objects. I love the punches of blue and the petals."

Best of GET DUSTY 2015 of the Pastel Guild of Europe

The votes for the best of Get Dusty 2015 were very spread out and no one entry came out top. So the winners, with an equal amount of votes for each one, are

"Rain in Paja" from Dolores Saul and 3 other member pastels.

Die Stimmen zur Wahl des Platzes Best of Get Dusty 2015 waren weit vertreut und kein Bild kam direkt an die Spitze. So gewannen diesmal die vier Beiräge mit der höchsten gleichen Stimmenanzahl.

3. Platz

GET DUSTY Oktober 2015, Pastel Guild of Europe

Animals, in their habitat

3. Platz für "Waiting"!

Löwen, lions,savannah,africa, pastel
"Waiting" 39x29cm Sennelier softpastels on UART Premium sanded pastel paper 400grade.

Jury´s comment:

A nice composition with a good mix of both soft and hard edges.There is an effective use of colour that accurately reflects the climate chosen for the subject.

Lobende Erwähnung for "Kisoro" Softpastell auf Sennelier Card

Jury´s comment:

A very well executed piece showing good knowledge of drawing, composition and the subject in relation to its environment.

3. Platz

GET DUSTY September 2015, Pastel Guild of Europe

Unclassified, "Bad weather"!

3. Platz für "Rain in Paia", Pastell.

Jury´s comment:

Funny idea looking on a rainy scene through a window Everything looks really, really wet Love that the colors are so pure even on a rainy day
I like that the colours are so clean and pure. I think the painter has achieved
the goal, it is very WET and still in a “happy” colour scheme. Good pastelling skills.

1. und 2. Platz

GET DUSTY April 2015, Pastelguild of Europe

Animals "Feathers"

1. Platz für "Splash" Pastell und 2. Platz für "Asian beauty", Pastell.

Jury´s comment:

"Splash!" There is a lot of action in this work. Movement and drama! Great work on thefeathers. There is an excellent sense of recession in the background and the waterand feathers have been created with vibrant confident strokes. In my opinion themost delicious part of this painting is where the feathers meet the water and theedges are lost. Fantastic water!

"Asian Beauty" This is a beautiful portrayal of a Mandarin duck. Wonderful work on the different types of feathers, they are absolutely fantastic, especially the tail feathers and the

wing! I Love the contrast of the detailed work in the bird and the plain background which works really well as contrast. The artist has made full use of the paper colour by leaving the background uncovered and has created a wonderful 3D effect. The ground the bird stands on is merely suggested but looks solid and real.


Get Dusty Winter 14/15,Pastelguild of Europe

"Free Choice"

Lobende Auszeichnung für mein Bild "Sunkiss" Pastell, 29x39cm,(C)D.Saul 2013


GET DUSTY November 2014, Pastelguild of Europe

"Landscape or seascape, Nocturne!"

1. Platz









Mit meinem Pastell: "Hookipa Beach at night" habe ich den ersten Platz unter dem Thema: Land-Stadt-Meerlandschaft, nächtlich  gewonnen.

23x49cm, Sennelier Softpastelle auf Sennelier Card. (C)D.Saul 2014

Jury´s comment

"Ho ´okipa beach at night" The Judges say: A limited palette of blue, turquoise and near black with
a few wellplaced greenish and reddish accents define this strong and atmospheric night time painting. The strong contrasts give a beautiful shimmer to the picture and the composition is well balanced. The water and rocks are beautifully described and the format is very well chosen for this lively piece, full of movement. One can nearly smell the salt in the air and hear the crashing of the surf against the rock. Well done!

GET DUSTY  Febrary 2015, Pastelguild of Europe

Honorable mentions

Jury´s comment

GET DUSTY June 2014, Pastelguild of Europe

Jury´s comment

Der Kommentar der Jury zu meinem Bild:


Bei dem monatlichen Wettbewerb GET DUSTY in der Pastel Guild of Europe habe ich im Juni 2014 eine ehrenvolle Erwähnung erhalten!

Dieses Mal hieß es: Children at play" (beach, garden, park..)

Ich habe hierzu mein Pastell: "Way to Australia" eingereicht.

"Way to Australia",Pastell 24x30cm, (c)D.Saul 2014
"Way to Australia",Pastell 24x30cm, (c)D.Saul 2014

Kreativmesse Wiesbaden 2012

Gewinnerin des 10. Platzes
Gewinnerin des 10. Platzes
"Kleines Schwergewicht" Pastell auf Baumrinde, (c)D.Saul 2012
"Kleines Schwergewicht" Pastell auf Baumrinde, (c)D.Saul 2012