Dolores Saul is a contemporary German awardwinning pastel artist. She was born in Frankfurt/Germany in 1959. She has a 20-year old daughter and lives with her husband in a small village in the Taunus region near Frankfurt.


 In 2003, after several years in high-performance sports (National Powerlifting Team) she discovered water colour painting. She liked the challenge of the detailed work in this technique, but as a dental assistant and office manager that was perhaps not surprising. After having refined her technique during several years, she accidentally saw a beautiful tango pastel that completely fascinated her with its brilliance. During a workshop with a well-known German pastel artist in Northern Germany she first properly understood how to use balanced tonal values. After that, these good vibes led to her painting exclusively in pastel. She participated in online courses in the United States and Great Britain and learned from other master pastellists to use pastel colours.


 In 2009, she exhibited her pastels for the first time. Since then she has participated in numerous group exhibitions and also had several solo shows. Her paintings have sold in Europe and USA. In 2012, she won a Creative Award for a pastel on bark in Wiesbaden/Germany.


Dolores sometimes work as a freelance illustrator for childrens´books and poetry volumes. She also teaches beginners in pastel art. She gives pastel painting demonstrations in Germany and abroad during art fairs and at art supply stores.


Dolores is on the board of the Arthouse Hochtaunus e.V. She is also a member of several local art associations. She is happy to be a member of the Pastel Guild of Europe PGE since 2014. She soon started assisting the PGE web master as website manager. She has also written articles for the PGE online magazine. Since 2016 she is a member of the PGE board. Since November 2014, Dolores has won the PGE Get Dusty Competition six times. She was five times in second place and four times in third place. She was voted into `Best of Get Dusty`in 2015 and 2016. Now one of her pastel is nominated for the Art Award in Weilburg/Germany and ones accepted in the "Pure Color" show of the Pastel Society of South Carolina 2017. Two pastels are accepted into the show of the "Colors of Humanity Art Gallery" in November too. She won the landscape category in the 1st Online Juried Competition of the Pastel Guild of Europe 2018.

In August 2017 she get the honor to be a Signature Member (PGE) of the Pastel Guild of Europe. Since January 2018 she is elected juried associate member of the Pastel Society of America (PSA). In 2020 she is finalist in 4th Biennale Pastel D ´Opale in Boulogne-Sur-Mer.

Solo Shows:


 2017 Amthof Gallery, Bad Camberg/ Germany;

 2016 Hotel Bad Kissingen/Germany

 2015 Wehrheim Town Hall/Germany

 2014 Villa Borgnis Gallery, Königstein/Germany

 2013 Oberursel Town Hall/Germany ; Gallery Sprachbildung Bad Vilbel/Germany

 2012 Winery F.Reichert/Germany

 2011 MVZ Friedrichsdorf/Germany

More shows: Page: Über mich


Artist statement


‘Pastel is my favorite medium. I can express all my feelings and desires in my art. Striving for realism, I hope that my paintings invite the viewer to step closer and discover the subtle details in the shadows, brilliant light and reflections. I find my inspiration through my travels to foreign places like Hawaii, or in the vivid stories my Argentinian mother told to me who grew up on the Rio Paraná. The endless pampas, the rivers in the rainforest, the waterfalls or the glaciers at Perito Moreno feature in my work as does the Argentinian tango. The waves and colours of the Pacific and the beautiful nature of the islands of Hawaii brings the Aloha to me’.